Saturday, 29 August 2015


Answer Yes or No:
1. Do you support a clean election? Yes or No
2. Do you support a clean government? Yes or No
3. Do you support efforts to save our weak economy? Yes or No
4. Do you support the right to voice up your opinion? Yes or No

If you say yes to all of the above, well, congratulations! Good for you and our future generation.

If you say No to any of the above, well, that is your right to disagree...however weird it may seem.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Friday, 21 August 2015


Kiai Haji Mustofa Bisri

Wednesday, 5 August 2015



Sometimes we lie because it sounds better than the truth, and sometimes we lie to protect the people we love, but most of the time we lie to protect ourselves

No one ever think that the lies they tell will be found out, or that they will ever have consequences It’s hard to see the effects that our lies will have on the people we love until it is too late. 

Sometimes some lies are so hurtful, that it erases every thing we hold dear. Sometimes the lies we tell trap us in a hole so deep we can’t dig our way out. Sometimes our lies change our lives forever. 

But no matter what our reasons are, we can’t take them back. The lie has been sent out into the universe and it is undeniable that they are like boomerangs because they are always found out. When that happens there’s nothing we can do to fix it, but muster up the guts to tell the truth and apologize profusely for forgiveness, and accept that some lies are completely unforgivable.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Question : What happens if a Malaysian politician drowns in a river? 
Answer   : That is pollution. 

Question : What happens if all of them drown? 
Answer   : That is solution!!!


Everyone wants to feel important. For some other people they want more than just being important. They want to feel secure. 

And yet there are some who clamour to feel important, secure and immortal. No other people or body is more important than them. Not even the country. They all set up their own fan club. Here's one recent example - Najib's Fan Club.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Najib and cabinet is more of a pest than leaders - by Aspan Alias

The travel ban on the two opposition MPs and the boss of The Edge is real unbearable act of the desperate government and the cabinet headed by Najib Razak. The travel ban on Tony Pua and Rafizi Ramli, both the opposition MPs is done in a bad taste to democracy and that should be strongly condemned. Whether we like it or not the ban must be connected to the issue of 1MDB that these two law makers are focused on for the past months and years.

This is a very serious issue and with the travel ban on these active and responsible law makers it justifies the corrupt and misused of power as alleged by many quarters on the Cabinet led by Najib. There was no reason given by the Immigration Department as to why the ban was imposed on the two members of the Legislative Assembly.

As an ordinary citizen I am very disturbed by the act of banning the law makers from travelling abroad as it reflects the debauched mentality of leaders that rule this country. These are leaders who are not companionable to basic democracy and it affirms to some opinions that we are on a fast track forward to dictatorship. Najib and the Cabinet are not bearable with democracy as they are unable to co-exist with the goings on the democracy at work.

Najib wants everyone including the opposition MPs to just sit with deafening ears like all the irresponsible Cabinet members are doing. Najib wants everyone to close their eyes on all the suspected misdeeds he and the Cabinet do. Najib is taking law in his own hands and he is fining tune to dictatorship. If the Cabinet members are all that irresponsible the ordinary members of the Legislative should act swiftly to circumvent the advent of the dictatorship that is fast taking shape in the country.

The members of Parliament should act expeditiously to save this beautiful nation by repossessing the power from Najib and his Cabinet in order to avoid it being taken by an evil dictator. We are truly governed by a dictator now.  We should call on every responsible citizen to close rank and stand united with one voice to dispose the rash Cabinet from ruling us and does it with courage within the domain of democratic institutions that are still available with us.

In the main while there were views that Najib as the man of target on issues should also be barred from flying as he has not denied all the allegations against him or event charge the active critics like Tony Pua or Rafizi until to this moment. He has been promising to sue WSJ and Sarawak Report but until today there is no suing or actions against any party that he promises to sue.

Dr Mahathir has been criticizing him like anything but he remains silent on the former PM critics on him. He only alleges Dr Mahathir conspiring with outside element to topple the government. I would like to think that if he is at all not guilty to all allegations by Mahathir against him, the former PM should have been the first person for Najib to sue and disallows him from leaving the country. There is no point of extending or detailing this issue against Najib and his Cabinet. It is conclusive Najib is more like a pest than a leader to this country.

The travel ban on the two legislative members is a clear signal that Najib is prepared to rule like a dictator in defense his guilt and despondencies against allegations against him by the parties who want him to go.