Friday, 18 July 2014



Actual MH17 which went down in Ukraine. Photo shot by one of the victims onboard - FB name Cor Pan - before boarding. He wrote, "If it disappears, this is what it looks like."

The wound suffered from missing MH370 is still bleeding, and now another one is inflicted on Malaysia when MAS's MH17 was mercilessly shot down in eastern Ukraine killing all 295 innocent victims on board. 

This senseless murder should not go unpunished. Malaysia must join forces with other nations whose citizens were also involved - Netherland, Australia, Indonesia, Great Britain, German, Belgium, Philippine and Canada - to conduct full and thorough investigation and take the necessary action to bring the murderers to international justice.

I am joining all Malaysians from all walks of life to offer my deepest sympathy to the family members of MH17 victims who are still struggling through grief and sadness. I know no words can pacify your pain, but as you read this please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

To my brothers and sisters in Islam, AL-FATIHAH. May Allah SWT places you all in jannah, insyaAllah.


Thursday, 10 July 2014


You feel mighty proud now, killing children, asshole?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


As part of employees feedback programme, suggestions boxes are useless. Yes, that's what I've discovered after talking to hundreds of managers and supervisors. Why? Because...

1.  Ideas and suggestions either never get seen or fall on deaf ears. Managers often use suggestion boxes as a shield when they claim that they have provided an avenue for grievances.

2.  Feedback received is not timely. If suggestions are not noticed or acted on immediately, then the problem either already did its damage or has grown into a bigger problem.

3.  Suggestions are not properly defined. What is a 'suggestion'? Usually suggestion boxes are only used to vent personal issues about peers, managers and customers. They don’t identify the core operation or process that is broken and needs mending. 

4.  No feedback loops, hence no accountability. As a result corrective measures are not identified, implemented and standardized.

5.  Managers give an ad-hoc and unsystematic feedback. Feedback to suggestions are usually not given the priority it deserves. If you don’t make it a priority everyday, or every week – then the system is bound to fail.

So, if it is not suggestion boxes what is it that people need?

Human touch. Communicate with your people on a regular, daily basis. Listen to them. THERE IS SIMPLY NO PROBLEM THAT AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION CANNOT SOLVE.



Nope! Not Mr 1Malaysia, I'm afraid. He is Turkish PM - Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014


Federal Territories Minister Dato' Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said on 3 July that soup kitchens in Kuala Lumpur have until Monday (7 July 2014) to relocate out of the city centre if they do not want to be fined by City Hall. He said that his ministry would impose fines and other penalties on the givers of alms and beggars. The reasons for his decision are as follows:
  • To reduce begging culture that tarnished the city's image;
  • NGOs feeding the homeless left their litter and  creating an image problem in the city;
  • The homeless become lazy as it is easy to get food as these street kitchens are feeding them.

Being a good leader takes more than just brains and skill – it takes compassion. It requires the ability to know when to play hard and when to do a good turn for another. 

By having compassion for others a potential leader will qualify to become a leader. It is the deep caring for others that allows a leader to access the people he or she will someday be honoured to lead. And it is this caring attitude coupled with action that makes a leader a leader.

So, how does a leader become a compassionate leader?


The problem is, we label people. Everyone does it.

Labels are convenient. And they are dangerous.

Labeling people puts them into little boxes and constrains the possibilities that might arise from the relationship.

So, how do we avoid labeling people?

Assume the best in others. Bersangka baiklah Dato' Seri! No one in their right frame of minds want to sleep under the bridge, or by the roadside, exposed to all the negative elements. People do that not because they are lazy. Not because of easy food. They do that because they have fallen down through the cracks in this society, and they need help to get back up.

Understand what makes them tick. Homeless people do all sorts of unthinkable things because they didn't have a choice. The kind of choice affluent people like Dato' Seri Tengku Adnan always take for granted. Try being hungry, has no money to buy food, no place to rest your tired soul, no job, no future, no hope...then you'll understand what it means to be hapless!

Accept responsibility. When problems arise, look in the mirror rather than out the window. Since this self-examination threatens even the most secure egos, make it easier by soliciting feedback early and often. This will allow Dato' Seri Tengku Adnan to make small, relatively private adjustments rather than large, public apologies.

Having said all that, if Dato' Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor want to be happy, and make the voters happy, just show a little compassion by helping these people to get back up on their feet. Utilize all research facilities at your disposal to help people. What is the use of having sociologists, academicians and practitioners conduct all sorts of field study if you don't even read their findings!

There is no need to show off to the public how powerful you are by issuing decrees and orders and summonses because we know about all that. We put you there.